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[Jan 1]

[New Year Concert]

[Come bring in the new year with great brews, live music, friendly faces. Our new year concert is sure to blow you away with local artists performing live on stage.]

[Jan 5]

[New Year FLavor RElease]

[Come try our new flavors. We have 2 new IPA’s and 2 new craft beers chilled and waiting for you try them. We guarantee they’ll leave you wanting more.]

[Feb 1]

[Digi Band]

[Come helps us welcome our new Digi band. New live music performed by local artists twice a month.]

[Feb 14]

[Industry Party 2022]

[Don’t have a valentine? No problem come party with us at our industry-wide party and taste our new flavors.]

[March 17]

[Beer Festival 2022]

[Our local beer festival is full of local vendors, food, beer, and live music. Come join us!]

[April 2]

[Local Brewer Contest]

[Think you can make a great beer? Well, now you can give it a try. Our local brewer contest allows anyone to participate and test their skills to see who has the best beer.]

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